October Occurrences


It’s November seventh. October seemed to go by so fast. Like…are we sure it actually existed? We didn’t just skip from September to November?

I guess not.

October was an interesting month for me. How so? Well, I started several new projects. Some fun and exciting things happened. Some plans were made.

This blog was made. I’ve blogged off and on since I was younger, but I took quite the break. By the time I was ready to return I felt like I need a change of pace, so here I am.

I applied for college. I hadn’t intended to do it quite yet, but they were at my school, so I went for it. I’m staying close to home, so I don’t have to deal with dorm expenses. At this point in my life this college is ideal. So we’ll see.

I started a book. I’ll write more about this later. I think this might deserve its own post.

I’m planning another one. I am working on a children’s book with a friend. It’s lighthearted and imaginative so I’m hoping it’s a fun project.

Okay, and one more. This is a bit different of a project. My friend and I are putting together an anthology. Once this is a bit more underway it will get its own blog post too, but look for more information on this one. This one will be cool.

I went to a haunted house. Okay, maybe it was hosted by junior high kids, but junior high kids are pretty terrifying. And I survived.

I went trick or treating. My friend and I decided to go together last night. It’s the last one where we will “kids” still. Both of our eighteenth birthdays are right around the corner.

Dance Preparation! I am a senior in high school, and thanks to going to the private school, have never attended a school dance. That is going to change soon! So I have been dress shopping and making tons of plans for that.


The Identity Map of Me


I’m crazy. I think about half the people in my life would agree with that. A smaller percentage may say that I was just desperate for change. An even smaller percentage might just say that I’m brave.

No matter what the case is, I transferred schools partially into my senior year. The crazy part? It was my choice. Going from a small private school to a huge public school brings forth a lot of changes. For one, the curriculum is entirely different. Some things that other students have been doing since they were children I am just now hearing about for the first time. The most recent case was the term “identity map”. Google, my new best friend, gave me a quick answer, and I found out that it was an easy assignment.

Three minutes later I was finished. (The picture attached is the assignment.)


The simple assignment made me start thinking: who am I?

My initial thought it simple. My name is Natalie Noel Truitt. I was born on December 29th. I am turning 18 years old soon. I’m a senior in high school. I know my address. I know my friends.

But what actually defines me? Is it the bad things? Is it, “That anxiety disorder really has Natalie.” or is it, “Natalie happens to have an anxiety disorder.”

According to my chart, there is more than that.

Writer. I am a creator of worlds. I spend hours each day caught up in these worlds, plotting or writing or editing or anything else to make my stories perfect. I work for Books and Quills Magazine. I plan to be a journalist one day. This is so much of who I am. It was when I was a child, it is now as I’m almost an adult, and it will be when I am old.

Reader. If there is one thing I love more than writing it is reading. This is half of my job too! I have to read the books in order to review them. I love to get caught up in other authors’ worlds too.

Social. Natalie, the extrovert. I never would’ve guessed when I was younger, but now I just want to go, go, go. I love spending time with my friends and family.

Oldest in the Family. Have you ever seen the charts that talk about different qualities a child will have depending on the birth order? I was born first, and because of this, I have the desire I constantly have to shut down to be bossy or to correct people.

Dreamer. This is what it all boils down to. I have been a dreamer ever since I could think for myself, and that part of me will never stop. I catch myself day dreaming all the time about the future where I am a journalist, wife, and adoptive mother.